Project Description

Vetwork is a tech-startup that provides services for pets petcare at home services including  healthcare, vaccines, transportation and etc. Vetwork were using multiple platforms to manage their bsuiness process from google sheets , mails , Zapier  were all the information were scattered across these different platforms resulting to no customer data base and poor customer quality.


  • Track part-time employees ( Vets )

  • Track pets vaccinations and profiles , Ownership , Automations and reminders

  • Track services bookings and team availability

  • Track  home visits quality

  • Financial Statements specially with the part-time employees as they were tracked as their customers and vendors in some transactions. There was multiple workarounds to be managed

  • Tracking assets (Tools)and vaccines owned by organizations

  • Filtering requests and assigning to Vets with multiple criteria including regions and shifts and first vet response.


License Plan: Zoho One

Implemented Apps:

CRM , Sales IQ , Social, Form, creator, Books , Inventory


Company Size: 25