Mohamed Diaa

Mohamed Diaa

Founder & CEO

Mohamed Diaa has 16+ years of expertise as a solution consultant. He is enthusiastic about offering business solutions, and his background in a range of business disciplines allows him to address each customer’s unique demands by widening their business horizons.

He enjoys driving and innovating business solutions and digital transformations, as well as consulting with clients and prospects to understand their business needs and concerns. He seeks opportunities to meet company objectives and create innovative solutions in collaboration with direct field, industry-focused, and digital service design teams.

He has built and deployed systems for Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, WIFI, Passive and Active Networks, Data Center, Cloud Solutions, Home Automation, and Security Systems. He has waterfall project management experience in typical mega projects, as well as Agile and Scrum Project Management in business software solutions. He recognized Zoho technologies that matched his mindset in delivering innovative solutions that have a significant influence on the clients’ digital transformation journey.

With a diverse experience at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, TMG Holding, and other organizations, he has mentored and judged global hackathon, accelerators, and incubator programs such as NASA Space App.