E’len SMS Extension For Zoho CRM

E’len SMS Extension For Zoho CRM


Our App Spotlight brings you E’len SMS for Zoho CRM to enhance the power of your Zoho apps and tools. Visit the Zoho Marketplace to explore all apps, integrations, and extensions.

Advantages of SMS marketing:

Translate your marketing communications into sales with the power of SMS marketing integrated with Zoho CRM! SMS marketing may be one of the oldest marketing methods, but the advantages of SMS marketing are undeniable:

  • 98% open rate compared to 22% open rate with email

  • Increase conversions by 40% and close deals 25% faster

  • Better customer communication with 70% reply rate and 90% read rates

Sending Bulk SMS

Empower your marketing and sales with detailed customer data and track all your SMS marketing communications. Extending your business reach and enjoying direct personalized relationships with your customers has never been easier or more comfortable.

Customers don’t always keep track of their emails and actively try to avoid ads. They need to be reached directly in a way that’s efficient and quick. E’len SMS from Pinerium allows you to send bulk SMS messages to leads and contacts in Egypt in Arabic or English. 


SMS history tracking:

SMS marketing is a hassle, especially SMS marketing in Egypt. And when it comes to bulk SMS, there’s a need for it to be much more manageable. So say goodbye to the hassle of SMS marketing when you use E’len SMS CRM extension. Benefit from the data gathered through SMS marketing and keep track of sent & received messages with integrated SMS history in Zoho. 


SMS Templates:

Managing sales and marketing activities on several platforms or systems is a waste of time and effort. In addition to money, as well as opening the door to errors and miscommunication. E’len SMS provides you with easy SMS templates directly within Zoho CRM.


Custom SMS response actions:

And not only that, you can preview SMS letter count and set custom response actions inside Zoho CRM. So you can have the entire SMS marketing process automated


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Easy, efficient, and hassle-free, E’len SMS gives you all the advantages of SMS marketing, as well as a better relationship with your customers and improved conversions, without any of the wasted time and difficulties.

Get started on your SMS marketing success journey with E’len. Get it here.

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