ICT Solutions

At Pinerium, we offer a full spectrum IT infrastructure implementation form modular design to a highly scalable and responsive integrated systems that add a real value to your business.

System Infrastructure Solutions 

We implement reliable infrastructures for different types of industries that provide both operational excellence and flexibility, to respond to the enterprise's strategic changes.

Network Infrastructure Solutions 

Our expert level network engineers design and deploy secure custom-built networks, to help you protect your data, enable business growth, and help users utilize network resources securely and efficiently.

Cyber Security Solutions

The security experts team in pinerium analyses systems and applications (web and mobile) to identify potential vulnerabilities which could be exploited by dangerous entities.

Business Software Solution

We provide a unique and effective set of programs, to help you manage, connect, and automate your business processes across all of the company's departments.

Unified Communications Solutions

We provide smart communication, collaboration, messaging, and mobility, to enhance customer convenience and business productivity.

Cloud Computing Solutions 

We craft out the most innovative cloud software solutions that are scalable and addresses distinctive infrastructures, databases, computation and storage requirements

Software House 

Our dedicated team will help you in building or scaling up your software, to automate processes and provide a wide range of functionalities.

Auditing & Monitoring 

Our automated feedback mechanisms will help you in analyzing risk data efficiently on a frequent basis to have a better insight into issues as they arise.

Power Management & UPS

We offer a wide range of software, drivers and connectivity products, depending upon your application and its requirements, to improve operational performance, minimize costs, and optimizing continuity of the entire business.