Pinerium Partners with Techne Drifts 2024

Pinerium Partners with Techne Drifts 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant development at Pinerium – our official collaboration with Techne Drifts 2024, a groundbreaking event scheduled to unfold from February 17th to March 2nd. This partnership is poised to fortify and empower entrepreneurs within the startup ecosystem, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

Techne Drifts is more than just an event; it’s a transformative journey that spans various provinces in Egypt, spotlighting the indispensable role of entrepreneurship while unlocking new opportunities for businesses and individuals. The event is designed to feature an array of workshops, discussions, and hands-on training sessions that delve into critical aspects of entrepreneurship, financing, business development, marketing, and more.

In joining forces with Techne Drifts, Pinerium is enthusiastic about the potential it holds for our community. Together, we aspire to cultivate a supportive ecosystem that nurtures creativity, encourages collaboration, and imparts valuable insights to aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Stay informed and be part of this remarkable journey by visiting the Techne Drifts website. Seize the opportunity to register for events in your province and gain access to a plethora of possibilities for your business.

At Pinerium, we champion collaboration and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the extraordinary experiences and opportunities that Techne Drifts 2024 will bring to our community. Join us on this exciting venture and collectively shape the future of entrepreneurship!

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