Automation in offices

Automation in offices

Automation is the key to a smart future. In an office, especially, automation creates a relaxed and comfortable environment for your employees so that they can work in an ambient space which enhances their mood and increases their speed and productivity. Office automation uses the internet to combine different systems such as lighting, security, heating, sensors, etc. into one concise system that you can control with just a tap of a button.

But how does a smart office work? Well, it uses the IoT technology. You would be surprised to know that the first ever internet-connected machine was a simple coke dispenser that managed its inventory and verified whether the soft drinks were cold. Since then, IoT-enabled automation solution has come a long way and is now the foundation of smart offices around the globe. Our exceptional office automation systems harness this IoT technology to hook you up with stellar features and convert your workplaces into comfortable, inspirational, and work-friendly smart offices.


Whether it is dim and cozy, or bright and perky, the lighting sets the feel and mood of any space, and workplaces are no different. Research shows that lighting has a direct effect on an employee’s productivity. Warm lights work great for canteens or break rooms as they create an atmosphere of ease and comfort, whereas cool lights are suitable for conferences and brainstorming sessions as they increase alertness and vitality. Our cost-effective, IoT-enabled automated lighting systems automatically switch on and off as you enter and leave the room, and can also be programmed just at the touch of a button to change the lighting of the room based on the time of the day or the occasion.

Locks & Security System

No smart office can be complete without a smart and thorough security system. Offices today store valuable and sensitive data and technology and hence need state-of-the-art security mechanisms to protect them. From RFID scanners to electromagnetic key cards, to biometric identification, we provide everything to keep your premises secure and restrict unauthorized entry. Keep a tab on your employees and monitor their movements with our advanced motion sensors and oversee the working of your office staff with live visual surveillance feeds even when you are away! Our tamper-proof electric door locks controlled by keypads protect your offices from intrusions, whereas the smoke and CO detectors and fire alarm systems alert you and avert emergencies.

Audio / Ambient Music

Smart audio includes an all-in-one console that controls all your audio and digital devices, speakers, and recorders in your office by pressing a single button on your phone. Play soft, ambient music in the lounge area of your office, or program the cue music to be played to signal the start or break during conferences, or set up essential announcements and instructions to be given at preset timings through speakers located all over your office building. Everything happens at the touch of a button. Our user-friendly, IoT-enabled smart audio systems allow you to complete digital control and automation at your fingertips.

Shutter Control

Motorised shades and blinds are as important for décor as they are for comfort and convenience. Remote control window blinds are a great way to improve the ventilation and lighting of your office space, while also giving it a professional finesse. Motorised shades save time as no employee needs to get up from their workstation and disrupt their workflow to draw a blind. Our remote-controlled shades help reduce glare, and their smooth, almost noiseless flow creates an impressive aura of elegance and class for your clients. With robust fittings and complete motorization, they work like a charm as a security barrier for intruders.

Video Walls

Video walls are a complete setup of your projector screens, LCDs, or LEDs all combined in one space. Programmed to display the same output on multiple screens, they serve various purposes spanning everything from creating an impressive lobby décor to being the display modules in stock market exchanges. For your office spaces, we provide the complete video wall setup with built-in IoT technology which enables you to control and program everything by pressing a single button. Be it pre-programming your office lobby for advertising your company’s success stories, or operating a video wall in a conference room to hold audio-visual calls and give interactive presentations and seminars, our smart video walls get everything ready for you within seconds

Heating / Cooling

Climate control is an essential aspect of a smart automation. Intelligent appliances and smart thermostats are becoming the norm in most places. In offices, it is important to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the excellent performance of the employees. Extremely hot or cold temperatures make people uncomfortable and distract them from their work. Our IoT-enabled intelligent sensing ACs and heaters mitigate this problem by automatically adjusting their temperatures based on the weather outside. This not only ensures that your office is always at ambient temperature, but our intelligent sensors switch off automatically when you leave a room, thus saving a substantial amount of energy and reducing costs.

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