Smart Home Security System

Smart Home Security System

Smart home security system is offering a futuristic home experience where all you need is just a simple voice command away, even when you are away from home. There are some very cool gadgets that let you do a lot with home automation, many of which are integrated in home security systems. A smart home security system is a burglar alarm (with motion sensors) and a wireless camera in one, both capable of connecting to your smartphone or tablet. It ensures you can watch footage from your linked wireless security cameras, and be alerted if an intruder is identified by a motion sensor, even if you are miles away. You can access a live or recorded video from the smartphone application, which is important to help you tell a real emergency from a false alarm. 

Solutions of home security system: 

Keep an eye on your home

Your house is your fortress so you would better know your privacy is not breached even during your absence. Day and night, motion sensors integrated with the surveillance system keep an eye on your house. You can receive a notification with a video recording when it senses motion, so that you can see if there is any reason to worry.

100% secured

Leaving your home’s safety in the hands of the security firm, we have doubts as to whether the patrol can arrive fast enough to avoid the burglary. Equipping your home is worth it, so it can announce the intrusion and effectively stop the burglars themselves before the security patrol comes in. When the alarm system senses undesired motion or opening of the window, the lighting and sound alarm will make your home visible and noticeable from a distance. The burglars in this situation immediately avoid all attempts to enter your home and your belongings are safe.

A neighborly eye on your home

A neighbor who has agreed to look after the property while you are away is a perfect way of having a successful vacation. A trustworthy neighbor should receive a notification as soon as someone attempts to get to your house. He or she will be able to check, and act accordingly.

Virtual key to your home

You have invited your friends, but you are stuck in traffic and they will have to wait. The courier is calling with valuable package at your door but for a couple of days you will not be back home. Kind of familiar? Intercom lets you open the door to people you trust and who at this exact moment need to enter your home. Outside, guests or your kid who forgot his keys need not wait for you. The courier will leave the box, in a safe place, waiting for you.

Access for trusted people

It is effortless to entrust garden management and housekeeping to professionals when you are away from home. The security and home access issues are not a problem if each person accessing your property is equipped with an individual PIN that allows an entry. The Intercom will warn you of their presence by having the trusted ones enter to your home or garden. This solution minimizes the risk of an undesirable third party to enter your property.

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