Grandstream for Hospitals

Grandstream for Hospitals

Hospitals, private practices, dental offices etc. all have a crucial job in keeping us all healthy. Doctors, nurses, fellow employees and interns, must be equipped with the tools they need to communicate effectively for the sake of their patients’ health.
A healthcare facility’s communication network must operate as efficiently as possible, Grandstream solutions are a reliable choice.

Voice: With the wide spread of hospitals and medical practices, the need to communicate between departments is important. Grandstream’s line of IP phones can fit each departments needs.

Data: Grandstream’s data solutions can be used to protect and secure the networks communication technology and can also handle the volume of calls

at large hospitals.

Video: Due to space constraints in operating rooms, operations are often recorded or live streamed for educational purposes.

Mobility: Whether it is a private practice or a large hospital, employees are always on the move and there are always many devices streaming at once. Grandstream’s mobile solutions can be deployed to fit the needs of any medical institution.

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