Grandstream for Hospitality 

Grandstream for Hospitality 


Hotels rely heavily on their reservation, front desk, housekeeping, house keeping, maintenance, and hotel guest communications. Through Grandstream it’s simpler than ever to connect these users and meet their unique communication needs.
Whether you want to continue using existing technology or upgrade to a solution you can rely on, Grandstream can be of assistance wherever it is needed. See how Grandstream solutions were applied by other hotels to enhance their operations.

From the front desk to guest rooms, employees and guests need an easy to use phone to communicate. Grandstream’s range of phone series can cover each area based on individual needs.

A hotel’s reservation department handles a high volume of calls on a daily basis. Grandstream’s data solutions can protect and manage calls and accounts.

Whether a hotel needs facility access security or to cater to a conferencing space, Grandstream’s video solutions meet these needs

Housekeeping and maintenance staff need a reliable mode of communication as they move throughout a hotel’s property. Grandstream’s WiFi and DECT phone series are an ideal solution.

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