What is Zoho Lens

What is Zoho Lens

zoho lense

Zoho Lens is built to help professionals who want to assist a person in fixing an issue remotely, and needs a comprehensive view of their client’s situation. Incidents such as a misconfigured server, a damaged machine part, or a tricky hardware problem no longer require a technician to travel.

Key features that help you to see the issue

Live Camera Streaming

View the camera stream of your remote client’s smartphone or smart glass and instruct them right from your desk by viewing the live high-definition video. 

Highlighting on 3D Objects

AR annotations allow you and your customer to add extra virtual information to the live camera stream. You can use other annotation tools to draw and write on the screen.

VoIP and text chat

Interact with your customer through VoIP and text chat to provide better remote assistance.


Capture a snapshot of the incoming camera stream to document specific events during the session, or to analyze an issue further.

Freeze image

Freeze the incoming camera stream to explore, analyze, and discuss technical details of a particular scenario in greater depth.

Session Recording

Record sessions initiated in your organization to look back on all your session proceedings, create comprehensive trails, and document all your sessions to create a knowledge base.

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