ZOHO Social Application

ZOHO Social Application

ZOHO Social Application is a smart tool which helps businesses develop their social media presence by reaching the right audience at the right time. It enables social media marketing activities to track sales and manage multiple social networks, control keywords, schedule unlimited updates, and team collaboration from a single dashboard. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram, We have all you need.

This allows businesses to publish relevant content when the audience is likely to see it through their prediction engine. Businesses should listen in real time and communicate with their audience and comment on what consumers are thinking about them. The ready-made or custom reporting tools offer insightful information to businesses to help assess and enhance performance. Reviews to ensure successful coordination and decisions can also be exchanged and addressed with team members.

Overview of Zoho Social Application Benefits

The powerful media publishing tools from ZOHO Social work well to help companies create compelling content and simplify the publishing tasks. Posts can be published instantly or scheduled from a single compose window for different social networks, which also indicates the percentage of top engagers likely to view the post at the given time. SmartQ / Prediction Engine allows you to post for a time when followers are most likely to see them, and helps target Facebook posts by place and time zone. The bulk scheduler makes multiple posts easier to create and schedule in one go while the native Android and iOS apps allow users to publish on the go.

Zoho social application monitoring tools allow you to keep track of when your customers reach out to you to ensure your team can respond promptly. Conversations are held in perspective with the past of contact. Search tools help you discover new business opportunities and monitors and save rivals, hashtags and events for future reference. The Brand Inbox offers a single view of all messages, converting the messages into conversations and allowing social networks to filter them. Statistics and Analytics offer informative social media presence and performance data and visual reports.

Overview of Zoho Social Application Features

  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Activity Logging
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Keyword tracking
  • Multi-Channel marketing
  • Social Media metrics
  • One window management
  • Shortened links
  • Repeat Post
  • Android, iOS apps
  • Chrome, Firefox extensions
  • Statistic and reports
  • Unified messages
  • Real-time monitoring

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