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Zoho Mail Platform

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Zoho Mail is an amazing email platform that offers a mixture of ad-free, clean, minimalist interface and powerful features that are geared for business and professional use.

Experience a fast, clean, Webmail that has powerful features matching or even superior to those you will find in desktop email clients. Immediately control of your inbox and get the freedom you need from tedious software upgrades.

Zoho Mail suite has Zoho Docs. This means your team can create, collaborate, and edit text, presentation as well as spreadsheet documents with the help of the most sophisticated online editors. You will experience faster work and better productivity with your online office.

Overview of Zoho Mail Benefits:

  1. Filters. Create rules to help manage incoming emails and automate tiresome tasks. For instance, use your rules to mark an email as read or assign it as a task. You can even create a rule to highlight emails from a specific person, or automatically move them to specific folder.
  2. Night Mode. Don’t let a bright screen in the dark stress your tired eyes. Switch to ‘Night Mode’. This dark theme in Zoho Mail lets you view your emails comfortably at night.
  3. Search. Zoho Mail’s advanced search lets you quickly find the email you’re looking for, even if it’s buried in your inbox. You can search by as many details as you know; if you’re looking for a message in your Clients folder, between May 1st and May 20th, with attachments containing the word “proposal,” Zoho Mail got you covered.
  4. Scrub. Scrub lets you quickly clean up your inbox by deleting or archiving emails in bulk. From any folder, you can select up to 5 senders and use the Scrub feature to archive or delete all emails from them.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts. Press G and U together to see all your unread emails. Or C and M to compose an email. Or Ctrl-P to print an email. Zoho Mail has 50+ keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate around your inbox with ease. You can find the full list under Settings.
  6. Folder-specific notifications. We can’t help you reduce the amount of email that comes into your inbox but we can help you reduce the number of notifications you get. Select the folders for which you would like to be notified and the platform will make sure you don’t have to hear about the rest of them.
  7. List emails from sender. We’ve created a convenient hack to find emails from a specific person without searching for them. Right-click on an email and select “list emails from sender” to see all the emails you’ve received from that person.
  8. Templates. Zoho Mail allows you to create reusable email templates for emails you send repeatedly. For example, if you send an email to all your colleagues at the end of every month asking for a project report, you can just draft the email once, save it as a template, and use it every time you want to send that email.
  9. Outbox. The Outbox is where your emails reside for a few minutes (from 1 minute up to 120 minutes, depending on your settings) before they are sent. This allows you to proof read them and do some final edits before they are sent. If you change your mind about an email and decide not to send it, you can delete it from your Outbox.

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