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Zoho Creator

Build. Integrate. Extend.

Zoho Creator is a full-stack low-code platform that can build applications for any business task. Designed for speed, agility, and adaptability, Zoho Creator is a powerful tool to deliver new applications to keep up with or disrupt markets.

With Zoho Creator, businesses can collect data, automate processes or workflows, analyze data in reports, collaborate with other users, and even integrate with external applications. Every application built on Zoho Creator comes with a native app for iOS and Android, allowing users to access real-time data from anywhere, at any time.

Applications built on Zoho Creator are built to auto-scale—the back-end infrastructure seamlessly scales as business demand grows. Currently 10,000+ customers across 170+ countries are using over 3M applications built using Zoho Creator, a testimony to the power of the platform.

Creator’s intuitive low-code platform lets you create applications in just minutes, with a few curated drag-and-drops. Our proprietary programming language, Deluge, has been conceptualized exclusively for nontechnical users, helping you quickly configure advanced capabilities and workflows, with little to no technical know-how.

Transform your business with customized solutions

Low-code platforms empower businesses to build custom solutions with innovative functionalities that cater to specific business models.

With Zoho Creator you can build applications easily using its drag-and-drop interface.

Your app needs more customizations or integrations? Deluge has got your back!
Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment, or Deluge, is an online scripting language that links 25+ products in the Zoho suite. It’s a one-stop solution for performing actions and integrations across the suite. By minimizing the use of technical jargon and complex code, Deluge speaks your language.

Explore & Experiment with pre-built applications

Sales Management

Streamline lead tracking, account management, inventory control, CRM, and more. With all your business data in one place, you can focus on solving real-world problems while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Customer Relationship Manager

Track lead statuses in real time, log customer calls, plan campaigns, and more, with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Quotation Management

Manage quotes for the products and services you offer. Receive quote requests, process them, and send them directly to your clients.

Lead Management

 Focus on spending time with your leads, rather than on managing the heaps of data that come with them.

Point of Sale

Point of sale app is all you need to manage your shops more efficiently. With features like built-in reports, instant invoicing and streamlined refund processing, say goodbye to cash registers, stock lists and ledger accounts.

Email Campaign

Connect with your customers by automating your email marketing efforts. Customize, plan, send, and track your campaigns from a single platform. This app eliminates the clutter that’s generally associated with conventional mailbox providers, making your campaigns secure, reliable, and fast.

Franchise Management

 No matter how extensive your network is, manage all chain information with this application. Record information about stores, automate purchases, and manage orders throughout the franchise.

Product Catalogue

Centralize your product information, pricing pages, and customer database, and deliver compelling content that will help your customers make more informed buying decisions.

Content Review & Release Tracking

Automate the review process with this application, deliver content on time, and delight your readers.

IT Asset Tracker

From hardware to software, desktop to mobile, keep tabs on every IT asset your organization owns, without breaking a sweat.

Project Tracker

Project Tracker is designed to give you complete visibility on spending, tasks, timesheets, and more – all from a single platform.

Appointment Management

Ensure that your customers easily and efficiently complete the booking process. Give users the details they’ll need about the service they’d like to schedule, and allow them to book online in advance.

Tasks Done

This app is simple and intuitive, and it helps you stay in sync with your colleagues, organize tasks, finish projects on time and reduces the complexity of managing teams and projects

Workplace Safety Management

Effectively manage workplace hygiene and minimize risks & ensure a safe and productive experience for their workforce.

Incident Tracker

Record incidents, classify them by impact and urgency, assign them to appropriate teams, track their progress, and report potential problems.

Conference Room Booking

Whether it’s for a quick discussion with colleagues or a weekly team meeting, let employees book conference rooms from the convenience of a mobile app.

Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker app lets testers submit bugs as they see them, tail them, and eventually bust them.

Visitor Management

Enhance visitor experience by providing digital assistance throughout their visit. Get their details, generate ID cards, notify the appropriate staff, and schedule meetings, all from the same app. It’s web- and mobile-compatible, making it ideal for use on the go.t.

Time Tracker

Monitor your team’s daily work and the projects in the pipeline. Stay organized, focused, and on track with this application.


Easily maintain a contact database, professional or personal. With relevant fields for every detail, you’ll never find yourself reaching for a notepad again.

Seat Booking

Whether you run a travel agency, a movie theater, or are planning a corporate event, this application can make seat allocation convenient and easy..

Vendor Management

Simplify the way you handle contracts, irrespective of industry or vertical. Seamlessly keep tabs on service providers and their contracts, and the responsibilities assigned to each vendor. Managing SLAs doesn’t get any simpler.

Property Maintenance Tracker

Advertise your services, handle maintenance requests, manage employees, and provide speedy and efficient services across departments.

Order Management

Using the advanced workflow automation, cross-channel integrations, and end-to-end order fulfillment, you can save time and boost overall productivity across your value chain


Effortlessly manage your shipment, vehicles, and drivers. What’s more? With automated email/SMS notifications and full mobile support, your logistical operations are guaranteed to be smooth.

Inventory Management

Maintain perfect control over every unit of your stock with this compact inventory app. With workflow automation and end-to-end order fulfillment features to optimize your operations, you’ll never have to check another box on a clipboard again.

Fleet Hub

Handle every aspect of fleet management, including servicing, fuelling and expense tracking, you can delegate the busywork to the computer and spend more time running your transportation business.

Facilities Management

Optimize asset utilization, provide quality maintenance, automate work order generation and allocation, and more—all with low overhead and high client security.

Distribution Management

Distributor Management System has everything you need to efficiently monitor your distribution network. Dedicated modules for warehouse management, inventory handling, purchasing, sales, CRM, and bookkeeping ensure the steady supply of goods across your value chain.

Recruitment Tracker

Universities are a prime destination to hire great new talent, and this app helps you do it more efficiently. Have all the details you need at your fingertips, and circumvent confusion during hectic job fairs. Engage your potential employees and keep them informed throughout the hiring process. With this app, you’ll be able to wrap up entire recruitment drives with no hassle at all.

Leave Tracker

Give your leave tracking process a digital touch. This application helps you process requests for time off, view monthly employee records, and more. Use it as a standalone app, or as part of a human resource management system.

Human Resource Management

Take the hassle out of HR management. Hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from a single app. This app complements the myriad processes involved in HR, making them faster and more efficient.

Employee Onboarding

Welcome new hires with a streamlined, simple process and help them get started in their new role instantly.

Employee Management

Employees are the driving force behind an organization’s success. The more efficient they are, the better the organization thrives. Zoho Creator’s Employee Management app gives that much needed boost in efficiency with features that are targeted to make employees’ everyday tasks quick and easy.

Employee Emergency Check-in

Regardless of the issue, this app helps safety teams communicate with employees instantly, act faster, and mitigate crisis more effectively.

Approval Management

The Approval Management app gives employees a stage to showcase their ideas and get them reviewed by their superiors, paving the way for speedy execution.

Personal Finance Tracker

Maintain your finances, without leaving a trail of paper or Excel sheets. Manage accounts, calculate income and tax, perform financial forecasts, and do a whole lot more, all from a single application.


Stop wasting time with paper forms and worrying about losing receipts. Encourage employees to report and track expenses online, speed up the approval process, and make it more efficient for the finance team to reimburse them.


Make lending and borrowing simple and straightforward. Build connections between borrowers and lenders, showcase products, create wishlists, and more.

Corporate Travel Management

Maintain your finances, without leaving a trail of paper or Excel sheets. Manage accounts, calculate income and tax, perform financial forecasts, and do a whole lot more, all from a single application.

Business Finance Tracker

Make lending and borrowing simple and straightforward. Build connections between borrowers and lenders, showcase products, create wishlists, and more.

Support Desk

Work towards better service and higher customer satisfaction with this complete system for tech support. Give your support agents all the tools they need to ensure prompt response times. From automated ticket assignment algorithms, to multi-channel assistance, to web-to-case functionality, we’ve got it all in one application.

Call Log

Say hello to the online call logger. With linked data and auto populate features, sales reps can save time on manually logging their calls and use it instead to reinforce customer relationships.

Customer Service Tracker

Collect all customer information in one place, and make it easier for your team to deliver the best service. Customize your reports, get insights into critical metrics, and communicate seamlessly.

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