What is Zoho Showtime?

What is Zoho Showtime?

Zoho ShowTime is a cloud-based presentation delivery platform that enables companies as well as individuals to create unique and beautiful presentations for free. Around the same time, Zoho ShowTime is an interactive platform, meaning users can follow and engage live by either responding to, commenting on, or analyzing the presentation.

The device is also available as a smartphone app, so the presentations can be planned and followed in movement. The ability to create and produce online presentations makes Zoho ShowTime perfect for webinars and online training, and the best news is the free use of its advanced apps.

Overview of Zoho ShowTime Benefits

Zoho ShowTime is used either to create vivid and animated presentations, or to share premade ones with your online audience. You can use it for personal purposes, and participate in conferences, webinars, or online training without having to adjust your content to suit the digital requirements of the event. This will help you save an incredible amount of time and effort, considering that you can also use a mobile app to do it.

What could be as well Zoho ShowTime’s biggest advantage is that it captures the attention of your audience, and allows practically everybody to follow your work, react on it, and rate it. Its analytic and comparison capacity will help you understand your progress, and focus energy on solutions that make your work most productive. Needless to repeat, this is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to share information.

The feature suite is rich and advanced, and includes a vast spectrum of creative tools to make outstanding presentations. A small arrow-hand pointer will be available for you to point out the elements, and an audience key will be provided for you to decide who is going to follow your presentations.

As you can see, Zoho ShowTime dissolves the boundaries of what you can do and where you could present. You create your profile, let a presentation go viral, and it will reach all the listeners you want.

Overview of Zoho ShowTime Features

  • Invitations
  • Show Time Presenter
  • Show Time Viewer
  • Custom Themes
  • Profile Pages
  • Questionnaires
  • Feedback
  • Smartphone Presentations
  • Performance Metrics
  • Live Audience Engagement Metrics
  • Broadcast Answers/Comments
  • Audience Rating
  • Microsoft PowerPoint integration (optional)

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